Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Yurt compound of William Coperthwaite

William Coperthwaite's Yurt  on the Blue Hill Peninsula of Maine

Images by A. William Frederick

These images are of William Coperthwaite Yurt in Blue Hill Peninsula, isn't it dreamy?. Bill is the author of the book A handmade Life: In search of simplicity, a book well worth the read!!

The perfect home to sit and watch the seasons go by :)


diane said...

It's awesome.
I will have dreams of living there.....watching the seasons change. **sigh**
Thanks for sharing!

Kath said...

Indeed. I would love to live in that woodland setting.

Linda said...

Oh Wow...this is amazing..all those windows....Thanks for the book info as well... :D

Unknown said...

*swoon* Amazing home! Love, love, love it!


Jen said...

Beautiful and inspiring. Thank you!