Monday 25 November 2013

Stairway to (plant) Heaven....

Stairway to (Plant) Heaven
Stairway of plants: Lotus Temple Yoga Studio
A beautiful Plant lived staircase in a Barbados holiday home that was inspired by Lord of the Rings
Staircase at Copenhagen's Botanical Garden, taken by Me in September
These staircases need no introduction or explanation.... Heaven!!


Kath said...

oh yes, when I die I want to go to live in Rivendell :-D

Unknown said...

Great to see some green plants this time of year. Guess I should drop by the botanical garden (Copenhagen) very soon. It´s such lovely place and a great place for some winter therapy.


Unknown said...

I'm still dying over the Chinese Money Plants! I love them so. I have been trying to look for them but haven't found much luck here in the US. One place in Oregon has then, but they said they do better outside and I need an inside one. I guess they are kind of rare, but I'll find one someday.

Milla said...

Hoarding so many plants as I can here. So happy with them! My favorite is the asparagus fern.