Saturday 27 September 2014

Inspiration: Moroccan interior Design

Home Inspiration: Moroccan Interior design
I am just in love with this Photo. I spent a good hour looking for images that I could use to show off beautiful Moroccan seating alongside this one, and although there are some beauties, this one is so pretty, and as it encapsulates everything I love about Moroccan interior design so I decided it needed a post of its own!

These beautiful low level Moroccan seating areas are so stunning and are not too difficult or expensive to achieve. Some second hand Kilim floor cushions, an ottoman, large bushy houseplants and a tray table are all you need to be on your way to creating your own Moroccan inspired chill out area to sip on peppermint tea and browse World of Interiors magazine.

If redesigning your living room is out of the question but you would still love a little Moroccan beauty at home a couple of floor pillows and a Moroccan tea light holder would be great for a summer garden or to take to the park/beach...

For more ideas on how to achieve 'the look' visit my guide here

The image above is of a Bed and Breakfast called  The White Nyle in Antwerp.. click here for Links


Ms Misantropia said...

I use lots of Moroccan or Indian influences in my home decor, I just object to the white walls.

Matilda said...

So lovely. The plants really complete the picture for me :)

It seems like the picture might come from this Russian design magazine: . I don't know any Russian, but Google translate is telling me it's from a house in Antwerp :)

Ginkgo Biloba said...

The picture is from the russian edition of ADMagazine

Greetings from my french mediterranean island :-)

Introducing New World's With a Shrug said...

I've been drooling over this picture for a while too! I wish I could find some awesome cushions like that. You can actually stay there and find more pictures of the house here

Unknown said...

I want to drink peppermint tea in Morocco so badly!


Moon to Moon said...

Thank you so much guys. I will write a follow up blog with the extra pictures :)

Me too Christine xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Gabi,
Thank you for posting the interior picture of or Bed and Breakfast The White Nyle in Antwerp.
Or B&B is completely decorated in African colonial style.
The guest are alway's surprised when the enter or home and see the unusual interior ,the love it !
We are also mentioned in a lot of interior magazine's and in the book of Derek Blyth " The 500 Hidden Secrets of Antwerp" as one of the 5 unusual places to sleep.
I hope that the people enjoy your blog, we do
Kind regards, Gino from Antwerp

Rani acharyulu said...

Hi, amazing decor ideas,thanks for sharing.....