Saturday 13 September 2014

6 Dreamy Attic Bedrooms....

attic room of my dreams
Attic bedroom with a great view
Attic Bedroom: I love the natural wood and the chandelier combination
Tiny Attic room made into one large bed
awesome romantic attic room
As the nights start to draw in and the temperature begins to nosedive there is only one thing on my mind... hibernation! and there is noting more cozy than a wooden beam ceiling, a large cozy blanket and candlelight.

The top picture is my all time favorite room and I think was the inspiration for starting Moon to Moon all those Moons ago. Wouldn't you just love to lie there and look at the stars?


merita viola said...

Love the use of space in the 5th loft! The steps are rad, too!

Anonymous said...

For 1st photo see

El Gaucho said...

Very cool, thanks for sharing these photos.

jacquelyn said...

Love these photos! where did you get the fifth photo? I would love to see a source! thanks! (: