Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Shell Chandeliers....

Sea Shell chandelier
Last week I won an instagram competition (held by Abidehomewears and reissued) and the prize was one of these beautiful Shell Chandeliers. I am so pleased as I have been eying them up for a while and I have the perfect spot for it at the top of my stairs.

It is so nice to see that 1970's home furnishings are becoming popular again, even if it is just a fleeting trend for most people, it does mean for some of us these previously hard to track down pieces are showing up and although sadly not at bargin prices now will be when the hype dies down.

What do you guys think of these chandeliers? Holiday tat or Interior divine?

xx Gabi xx


valerie said...

love these so much... i've found a few of my own that I've hung around the house. they can be addictive!!

Janelle said...

Cowries have also been used as currency in ancient China, India, and parts of Africa. Many cultures at some point in time also saw these shells as talismans that could help fertility. Obviously, they have also been used for decorative purposes.

Unfortunately, people’s love of the cowrie shell has pushed some species toward extinction. Instead of collecting them, it would be far better to admire them where they are or look at pictures of cowrie shells. The popular Tiger cowrie (Cypraea tigris) and the Gold-ringed cowrie (Cypraea annulus) are just two now on the endangered species list. Meanwhile, the Arabian cowrie (Cypraea arabica) is considered a vulnerable species in Singapore. Due to over-collecting these beautiful animals may not be enjoyed by future generations. Even shells that look empty are best left at the beach.

Moon to Moon said...

Oh Janelle, that is really sad.
I have to be honest I hadn't even thought about the ecological impact, I guess it is because I associate them with 1970's and being a 'vintage find' , not a modern day mass produced product.
Thank you for bringing it to my awareness xxx

Kath said...

I love them. I would like one for my new conservatory!

My Grama's Soul said...

Good morning Gabi.....I have one of these hanging in my den at my new home. I bought it in Montana many years ago for $10.00......I never thought about the environmental issues either....but at least mine is a recycled one that is probably very old so no new sea life was claimed.