Saturday 28 February 2015

Shop : The Silk Road

The Silk Road: Online Shop of World Treasures
Mirrored Cushion/pillow from the Desert Collection

Tharu Spike Necklace,  Yak Bells and Camel Tassles

The Silk Roads on-line store opening last month was eagerly anticipated by all their Instagram followers. The store owned by friends Lou and Rachel is full of beautiful, and very reasonably priced, bounty from their many travels abroad.

On my first visit to the Silk Road I bagged myself a pair of beautiful Om spoons that were handcrafted by metal work artisans of Patan, Nepal and a really stunning Tharu Spike collar (I had wanted one of these for ages) and I am already have my eye on some of the beautiful textiles, especially the Rann of Kutch Wall Hanging.... so hands off! :)

Rachel is currently wowing instagram followers of her travel in Iran with her daughter Luna and her beautiful pregnant bump........  and giving me major wanderlust!... and awe.... walking to the corner shop was a mission when I was pregnant!

 I cant wait to see what global treasures she comes home with.

I urge you to check out the Silk Road for yourselves here

Bohemian Children's textiles


Unknown said...

Love love love those colours and patterns!

Laura Morrigan said...

Oh dear, you should not share online shops with me! Hee hee!