Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Toast: House and Home ss16

Toast: French Floral bed Linen

I love Toast and get really excited when the new catalog hits my door mat. My mum has been shopping with them since their first catalog in the late 90's and they have only got better! I just love their House and Home wear and for the last few years have found myself buying bedding from them at least once a year.... this year I am determined to get the Washed Lace Bed Linen that I have been dreaming about for a few years...

Toast: Vintage sari Quilt

Not only do Toast make beautiful, hand crafted, fair trade items but their photography is always really beautiful (although they do feature the obligatory miserable looking models) and shot in stunning locations in India...... What are some of your favourite shops?

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Grue said...

Hi Gabi, long time lurker here on Moon to Moon.

I love Toast too! I'm curious, does your Mum have any Toast catalogues left over from pre-internet days? It would be very interesting to see their collections from that time. I might have to see if they're online anywhere.