Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Interior Designed..... Cabin Life

This cabin is dreamy isn't it? I love the way each room has its own theme, subtlety using textiles and pieces from around the world..... Indian block print textiles in the bedroom,  a Moroccan tray and kilim rug in the sitting room. My favorite room in the house is definitely the bathroom. I love the warm mustard paintwork and the Bhavacakra above the bath, this room feels the most warm and natural of all the cabins rooms. It feels like it belongs.

I say 'belongs' as the other rooms in the cabin although stunning do definitely look like rooms that have been put together by an interior designer rather than lovingly put together over time. The brief I guess was to give their holiday getaway a 'bohemian cabin' vibe... It just feels a little polished.... and some of the rooms a little incongruous... white carpet in a cabin!

... that is not to say I dont love it..... I would jump at the chance to live here. I would just have to scruff it up a bit, add some more house plants and change the hunting lodge feel of the bedroom.

Interior Design by M design la


kjsutcliffe said...

Serious envy situation going on here!

Anonymous said...

I love thie charm of this cottage. The entrance seems hidden and secret. I agree the white carpet is a bit out of place but the rest of the cottage is almost perfect.

Rebecca said...

I agree about the bath....
and DO love the entrance!

Justyna ┼╗ukowska said...

Beautiful little house! For me to live ;-) Places on 1,2,3 and 4 photos plus on the last photo are the best (for me). I only could add a few domestic plants.