Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Cleobella : Over the Moon

 Ummmm...... How amazing is this 'Over The Moon' look book from Cleobella?

With a kind of a Psychedelic 70's Morocco meets Art Nouveau vibe going on this has to be one of my favorite look book sof the year. Makes we want to drink Absinthe, listen to the Stones and smoke a hookah pipe.

 Models: Daria Zhemkova - @dariazva // Amanda Smith - @amandaphotogenics
Photography: Dana Trippe - @trippydana // Taryn Kent - @taryn_kent
Video Footage: Taryn Kent - @taryn_kent
Video Editing:  Dana Trippe - @trippydana
Makeup: Kelly Niemann - @hmuabykellyk
Hair: Chanel Marshall - @goldstruck
Styling: Cat Wennekamp - @catwennekamp


moonpoppy said...

beautiful pictures to inspire daydreaming.

Krystal said...

Just lovely! I love the dreaminess of this shoot.

Krystal | http://floradelsoul.com/