Tuesday 8 March 2016

Grimm's Wooden Rainbow

Grimm's Wooden Rainbow

Way before I had Alex, I spotted one of Grimm's Wooden Rainbow Toys in my local Waldorf Toy shop, and promised myself that if I ever had kids they (I) would get one !

And now I have a little-un, we have a Rainbow I am pleased to say it hasn't disappointed. Not only does it look really cool, and brighten up my sitting room, it is also one of his favorite toys and it gets daily use. Perfect as a tunnel for trains, a hidy hole for teddies or for stacking (and knocking down)..

Grimms Wooden Rainbow: The perfect tunnel for Trains

All of Grimms Toys are all handcrafted with non-toxic, natural dyes in Europe.  The rainbow is made from a single piece of wood and has a great slightly rough tactile feel and is great for the development of creativity and sensory awareness for kids and adults :)

The Rainbow toy is available from loads of online stores too, in the UK it is available, along with plenty of other lovely natural toys from Myriad 

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Jenna said...

I live the rainbow! What brand are the little cars and roadways he is also playing with in the photo ?