Saturday, 12 March 2016

Nevada City Series: Fat and The Moon

Fat and The Moon
IN the Second part of the Nevada City Series, I am so pleased to be talking to New Nevada City Resident Rachel from Fat and The Moon. I have been a big fan of Rachel's work for a few years and have tried many of her wonderful creations, including her magical All Creme (sent to me by UK stockists The Future Kept), and really sensitive deodorant Creme.... So over to Rachel....
Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Rachel Budde, I’m an artist, herbalist and mama of Fat and the Moon.

What is behind the name fat and the Moon?
I had a hard time arriving at a name for my business. Everything I was coming up with sounded like names for vibrators- so I reflected on what influenced and inspired me about the potions I was brewing. I thought of the oils and butters, the mediums of external plant medicine.  The herbs are infused in the fat which we then feed to our skin. It also struck me that using ‘fat’ in a ‘beauty care’ line would be a way to recontextualize and question the word’s negative connotations. The moon is influential on most aspects of life, especially the cycles of growth and transformation. I wanted to invoke the lunar, with all of it’s magical and feminine associations. Naming a business is like coming up with a prayer you want to be spoken, Fat and the Moon has become my mantra. The meaning of the name grows the longer I’m with it.

You have recently moved to Nevada City, what was it that attracted you to it?
Nevada City has the most beautiful composition of gorgeous landscape, inspiring people, and small town goodness. I feel so lucky to be in this community.
What attracted you to studying Herbalism?
In my art practice, I am very interested in mythology. A common thread running through all mythology is the story of how people relate to the landscape around them, the plants, animals and forces of the ecosystem they belong to. When I was going to art school and living in NYC, my love of myth made me realize I needed to get to know the other, non human beings in my landscape. New York City is nature, it is just a particular kind of ecosystem. So the weeds became my friends. I soon discovered that many of the common weeds are potent medicinal plants. My orientation to my environment was forever changed. Even in the middle of a concrete jungle, dandelion makes its presence known. Derelict and ugly became alive and magical. My curiosity about plants continues to grow, I continue to be amazed by them.

Do you have a favourite of your products that you use daily/weekly?
I’m always in a rotation of favorites. Lately, I’ve been really digging using the Mermaid Mask as a cleanser and the Dusk Lip Paint as a blush. I never leave home without my All Salve- I use is as a lip balm, to smear on my lashes for a little oomph and to heal the various little owies I seem to cultivate.

What advice would you give to anyone stuck in a rut who is interested in starting a more authentic life for themselves/ new business venture?
First off, appreciate yourself for wanting to make a change that comes from your heart. It is a sign of true bravery. Being true to yourself and your aspirations is not an easy path. You have to be willing to face yourself, your edges and your gifts head on. Curiosity is the key.

A massive thank you to Rachel. Visit Fat and the Moon here


Krystal said...

I love everything about this-- the name, the design, the purpose. It's all so beautiful and authentic. I'll definitely be trying out their products, thanks for sharing!

Krystal |

Jeannie said...

I am a HUGE fan of her products, recommend them to all friends. Rachel is a wonderful teacher so if anyone ever has the opportunity to take a class with her, DO IT. It changed my life a few years ago and I'm not being dramatic lols! I also love her writing voice. Rachel, if you're reading this, you rock!