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Nevada City Series: KitKitDizzi

So here is the slightly delayed part 3 of the Nevada City Series, and this time we are talking to KitKitDizzi.... a Nevada City Store that stocks the fine crafts made by the creatives in and around Nevada City... accompanying the interview are some of my favorite items from their online store.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the motive to set up kitkitdizzi? 
Jennifer Shefield originally opened kitkitdizzi in 2011 with the help of Nikiya Swartz (Gold Dust Collective). Kira and I both worked there and loved the shop. Jen decided that she needed to get out of the business. Kira and I had always talked about having a shop, so we made an offer and she sold it to us in 2013. The shop certainly was not bringing in any numbers that would make us think it was a gold mine but we thought that maybe it could bring us a little income, give us a platform to participate creativity with our community and offer us a chance to be our own bosses giving us the flexibility necessary of two single mothers. 
Kira has an extensive knowledge of vintage items and all things old. She has a great eye and endless energy for hunting down amazing treasures. I have a background in business, design and merchandising. We are motivated daily by our friends who we believe are exceptional artists. Artists struggle with translating their work into a sellable product and it is hard to put a price on someone's craft. It feels so personal. We feel honored to be able to offer a platform for their work. 

Nevada Fucking City Mug by Pickle Pottery

What does kitkitdizzi mean
It's a native plant. Bear Clover, Mountain Misery or Kitkitdizze, as the Miwok referred to it, is endemic to the western side of the Sierra Nevada. If you've hiked in these woods and haven't noticed it underfoot, it's resinous leaves adhering to your pants and shoes, you've most certainly taken in the scent of this highly aromatic little fern like plant carpeting the forest floor. It is essential to the health of the forests in these parts and for many of us, is the smell of home.

Nevada City appears to be a real creative hub, what do you think is so inspiring about Nevada City? This town has been the home to artists for as long as I can remember. Its hard know if its the already-inspired that move here or if it's the natural beauty of this area, the slower pace of life and the exposure to other artists/makers that brings the inspiration and creative mind. Or, just maybe, it's the gold that fills the areas soil that somehow draws folks here...
Pheylonian candles

What is it that attracted you to / keeps you in Nevada city? 
We were both born in Nevada City 40 years ago. What attracted our parents to this area? Simple. They were hippies fleeing the urban confines of the city and running for the wild hills. We have lived in other cities and we always come back. We've never seen another community like this. It feels like a big family and has all the love and dysfunction that comes along with that, which we will take over the disconnect that we've felt in other places.

What are some of your favorite shops and cafes in Nevada City? Considering that Nevada City really only consists of three small streets we are really lucky to have so many great places. 
Lily Vigil Art Gallery (best Native American Jewelry and artwork)
The Grey Goose- I cant imagine Nevada City without this shop 
Enid & Edgar for vintage clothing
Nevco for Vintage clothing and locally made crafts
The Earth Store is also a wonderful shop for the nature/science minded
Ike's Quarter Cafe, The Curly Wolf Espresso House and Fox Hound Cafe.

Little Rock Earrings by hazel Cox

Where do you find the artists? A lot of our artists/makers are localWe either know them or we find them through word of mouth. The non-locals we tend to discover through social media and through other artist

What are your three favourite pieces in the shop at the moment and why did you decide to stock them? 
This is a very hard question. Kira and I have one rule about what we pick or do not pick and that is that we both have to LOVE it. We cannot honestly sell something that we do not love. I think that we both agree that the Pheylonian beeswax candles that we carry are the best candles in the world. We have beautifully hand-made knives by a local 17 year old boy; Everet Noel, I would be heartbroken if he ever stopped making them and Fat and the Moon local, natural, organic, herbal body care products that actually work and have inspired me to rid my life of all chemical based products. Pickle Pottery Ceramics, Juniper Ridge, Olo, Ace & Jig... and everyone else that we carry.

KitKitDizzi: Nevada City Store

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