Saturday 26 March 2016

Collections: Crystals and Minerals...

Collections: Crystals , Minerals and Succulents
Crystals and Minerals
Crystals and Minerals

Charging your Crystals by the Light of the full moon
Sage Smudge and Crystals
Heres a little Saturday inspiration for you all. Have a great Easter, what ever it means to you



Laura Morrigan said...

I really love crystals in raw form, I want a "crystal cave" formation when I have the hundreds of dollars to spare!

moonpoppy said...

I love crystals,have been collecting them since childhood.
Beautiful pictures,as always :)

Krystal said...

These photos are gorgeous, I love crystals with a passion! I recently moved to San Diego and they have amazing crystal shops here with reasonable pricing, I'm basically in heaven.

Krystal |

Caethryn said...

Fantastic photos, you can feel the energy coming through them. Thanks for sharing.

Boho Mixology said...

I adore having crystals around, I even these images are soothing :)

hope your having a great long weekend Gabi

Zoe xxx

Kath said...

we are spoilt for crystal shopps here in Glastonbury as you know. Did you go down the little alley in the Glastonbury experience? there are crystals and agate slices set in the path.