Saturday, 26 May 2012


Cafe by U mnie
Spiral staircase
Novella Royale on instagram
Such a beautiful view

My Yogi tea quote of the day

"The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment'


Rebecca said...

I 'specially like that coffee photo. One of the best of that particular subject in my opinion---

Vix said...

What a fantastic quote, I couldn't agree more! x

aroluna said...

Worth enjoying every minute,these pictures are amazing, Gabi!

Notes From ABroad said...

I need to print that quote on my forehead lol
Living in a huge city, stopping and enjoying things gets forgotten so easily.
I find carrying the camera with me helps me stop and enjoy moments here and there during the day.
besitos. C

Boho Mixology said...

Love the Yogi tea quotes so much, they totally set me up for the day.

Zoe xx

Linda said...

Love that Yogi tea quote...I needed that today... Love the photos....and the theme of pausing...we need to do that more often...:)


Nichole said...

yes please yes please!