Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mirrors of the World ...

Bohemian Home: Mirrors of the world

1) This beautiful Antique Indian Peacock Mirror is from Kirtsy Lee

2) These beautiful Tear drop Mother of Pearl Mirrors come in 2 sizes : from Graham and Green

3) Moroccan Brass Mosque mirror from Moroccan Decor

4) Small Tribal  Indian Patwa Crotchet Mirror from etsy

5) Hand carved  Bohemian wooden Indian Mirror from a selection at Batik

Having rented for the last 13 years I have always been to afraid to put much up on the walls or invest in a good mirror. I have had my eye on the Moroccan Mosque Mirror (3) for some time now. My new house is getting valued today by the bank so fingers crossed... then I can put what ever I want on the walls .....


Kath said...

yes that one would be my choice too.
Fingers crossed all goes well with the valuation.

Linda said...

Best of luck with the evaluation!!! I love #5!! :)

aroluna said...

The Mosque mirror is fabulous!
Good luck with the appraisal!