Friday 8 February 2013

Bedroom : A Calm Place

A calming and relaxing bedroom: Essential for modern day stresses
Image: Bed of Silver Bark by La Branco on Flickr
Relaxing bedroom Inspiration: Picture headboard
Nothing like a slightly messy bed to make you want to jump in and curl up
Bookshelf bedhead, available via Truck
Tony Stone's bedroom via Tony Stones blog
It's a Friday night and rather than go to the pub I am spending the night chilling on my new bed (In case you are interested I brought this one). Having slept on a mattress on the floor for years it is a total luxury, and being a natural born hibernator I need little excuse....

Film Time :)


Sarah-Lee said...

I love these especially the last one! x Sarah

Kath said...

the bed you chose is beautiful. It looks very comfy for sitting up to read. I have a wrought iron one, with sort of loopy patterned headboard, so I have about 8 pillows LOL

hippyatheart said...

the first one is incredible, love the throw

Mary-Astrid said...

I <3 your blog !
I've got one too about modeling and backstages

There is the adress :

I hope you'll like my style, my pictures and how I describe the modeling fashion world !

Have a good day, and thanks a lot for your amazing pretty posts !