Monday, 4 February 2013


Shirley Kurata's Bubble record player via Refinery 29
Pradne Domy
Crosley Stereo Via Maiedae 
GramoPhone style
Portland, Oregon image by Peter Baker
Crosley Turntable Via A Beautiful Mess
I am most proud of myself, after 8-9 years of sleeping on a mattress on the Floor I have finally invested in an actual KingSize bed and memory foam Mattress, it arrives on Thursday and I cant wait!

My next investment is going to be a new turntable to play my beautiful shiny vinyl on. It would be Shirley Kurata's bubble player in a dream world but that looks really expensive so I am probably going to save for a Crosley.


hippyatheart said...

the first turntable looks incredible, love that space age kinda look. xx

Sage said...

After months of dreaming, I've got a lovely Crosley coming in the Post this week, can't wait!!!

Vix said...

That first turntable? I'm in love! Brilliant storage from A Beautiful Mess, too. x

The Song Divine said...

A wooden 70's Dual for me! If your listening to 70's music grab yourself a pair of quality 70's sandwich speakers, man. Mine are Leak speakers. It's all about the sound, sisters.