Thursday 28 February 2013

Art Luna Garden

Art Luna Garden
Art Luna Garden

Art Luna Garden : Crystal Posts!!
Art Luna Garden
Art Luna Garden
Art Luna Garden

Hibernation season is finally coming to an end....The Snowdrops and Daffodils are showing their pretty little faces and soon, my favourite, the Magnolia will flower marking the end of a rather miserable winter here in England.

I finally have my own modest plot of land and I have begun planning and researching my jungle garden, although on my budget it may be a good few years in the making. I am thinking large towering ferns, caster oil,  rhus, and Melianthus, with plenty of purple alium and hellebore.... heaven.

....My inspiration so far is the wonderful gardens designed by Bel Air garden designer  Art Luna Garden whose philosophy
"Structure first flowers second" 

really resonated with me, I have never been a primrose kinda girl. I love these stunning gardens with huge towering yukka and low level Acer's and the use of massive crystals on the garden posts is just awesome!

So inspired

A cheesy picture of Art :)


momma J said...

Congratulations on finding your very own piece of heaven!!!!

Kath said...

How exciting! when you come to Glastonbury, call in and I will give you some helibores :-)

Boho Mixology said...

We also got our first real garden late last year, cant wait to get out in it. these are incredibly inspiring.

Zoe xx