Thursday 7 February 2013

Home essentials: The Glorious Houseplant...

Beautiful Large House plants

Sculptured Leaves
Houseplant via Flickr
Via CoffeeKlatch
Indoor fern Via Design Sponge
Plants as camouflage Via Remodelista
Covering up pipes or messy walls, adding some colour and life to a dull room, or as a huge statement piece, with their own personalities and growing quirks houseplants are an essential in any home

Not only do houseplants look beautiful but evidence shows that plants calm us, reduce stress, increase pain tolerance, and speed recovery from illnesses. They also improve mental functioning in children and reduce domestic violence. 



Anonymous said...

oh my, how i love houseplants - my favourite being the fabulously delicate maidenhair fern, but sadly i am exceedingly good at failing to keep them alive for very long.

do you have any tips or if not know of any houseplants it is impossible to kill?

hippyatheart said...

really love houseplants, can't imagine living in a room without them.

Moon to Moon said...

The SpiderPlant is pretty darn tough!!

The Houseplant Chronicles said...

I love using house plants to bring life into the room, but also to cover up any "imperfections". : )

Vicki said...

Love these images, especially the one of the pink wall. And that huge fishbone fern is gorgeous!

You don't see enough houseplants anymore.
My mother used to have them everywhere!
They are a wonderful living adornment for the home and there should be more of them in this world of stark, sterile minimalism.

Unknown said...

The smell of my windowsill basil is a definite de-stresser for me. I ache for the time in my life when I can have a whole garden to call my own!