Thursday, 14 February 2013

Rituals: Incense....

Incense holder
Incense in a shell
Incense and the Dark Side of the Moon :)

Like a good cup of tea, I swear a stick of Nag Champra Incense can make everything okay. Even after a really stressful day 12 hour shift in A&E, the ritual of lighting an incense stick is enough to mark the end of work and the beginning of home life. Bliss!!

Hope everyone has had a magical valentines day xx


Kath said...

Have you tried Nag Champa gold? Its sweeter (as well as being sparkly!)


B R O O K E said...

I couldn't agree more... incense keeps me sane and grounded.
Great post!
Brooke @

Anonymous said...

I burn rosemary twigs as incense. I even stick them into the hole of the incense holder. Love the smell.

Boho Mixology said...

You hit the nail on the head! it really does make everything ok.

Zoe xx

The Flying Tortoise said...

I couldn't, wouldn't won't live without my Nag Champa. It's burning as we speak Gabi. You should be able to pick up the fragrance from where you are...
2422 P

Vicki said...

Oh! This is why I love your blog the most!
Not only for the beautiful bohemian images, but also for posts like this!
I love incense - quality incense. And good old Nag Champa is my "go to'.
I hear so many people today who complain and say they "hate incense" - it makes me sad.
It's as you say, "a ritual", a disconnect from the outside world.
As the heady, comforting aroma and smoke waft through the air, I feel a warmth and gentle euphoria like nothing else.
I make ceramic incense holders at craft markets and some people pass comment about how they dislike incense. But, when I see someone's face light up, pun intended ;), when they see them and then buy one, I feel happy in the knowledge that there are still, and always will be, lovers of aromatic aphrodesia like me... and all's well :)

Nandini said...

Thank you very much for this post. Really it is nice one. I like it very much. Thanks for everything.

TradeWindsStore said...

Wonderful pictures and I couldn't agree more: Sometimes just the act of lighting incense is enough to let my body and mind know that we can relax and be ourselves for a while.