Saturday 20 September 2014

Closet: Vintage Indian Gauze dresses...

Closet Style: Vintage Indian Gauze dresses and Afghan treasures
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Vintage Indian Gauze dresses from India: Phool, Peacock and Anokhi
I have always been obsessed with clothes, I guess it runs in the family. My aunt was a Biba and  Ossie Clark 'in-house model' and my mum is a big time clothing gal. Although I used to be adventurous with my clothes some where along the line I started wearing a lot of black and it is a comfort place I am making the move to get out of.

Although I like more unusual clothing I always wonder if I could pull it off, and black is so lovely and safe! Last week I took the plunge and purchased myself a beautiful Vintage Indian Gauze shirt and a waistcoat from Blooming Dreamer and was so thrilled I am hooked, in fact I have just ordered a vintage Phool dress too :)

Closets do look so much prettier in Colour.. don't you agree?


hippyatheart said...

Colors are definitely my cup of tea! I also had times when I wore a lot f dark clothes, but actually, colors are a mood booster and indian dresses are definitely such wonderful pieces!

hippyatheart said...

And so glad your aunt worked for ossie and boba, how fab is that?!

Helmi said...

looks great!

Rachel said...

Cuánta insipración!!!!

Moon to Moon said...

Cheers guys. Sadly she didn't keep all the lovely clothes :(

Andrea said...

Thanks for the link for the vintage dresses. I'm looking for one desperately, don't want a new one.
ypur blog and tumblr is beautiful.

Tera said...

Yes! As well as Mexican gauze dresses. The fabric, when cut on the bias is so rich!

Unknown said...

The last photo here of the indian dresses from Phool...where is this place? Its lovely