Monday 30 November 2015

Painted Stairs.....

A beautiful Painted Rainbow Staircase
Photo by Jonny Valiant found here
Painted Stairs
In the UK it is traditional to carpet the stairs but I love these painted staircases. Whether it is rainbow or gradiented like above or block colour like below, painting the stairs is a cheaper option than carpet and adds a bit of fun and pop of colour to an otherwise plain and hard to decorate part of the home.

All the homes in the pictures I have chosen are so different and yet the colour instantly transforms  the homes, especially in the 3rd image, which (in my opinion) looks really sterile apart from the fun stairs

Yellow Painted Staircase
Blue Stairs
I really love the blue stairs in the picture above. Such a fun entrance to a child's bedroom/ secret world :)

What do you guys recon

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PinkPanthress said...

Sometimes I wish I would really own a house, just to do awesome stuff like this! ^_^ I like all of the variations up there!!