Wednesday 18 November 2015

The Home of....Heyoka Leather's Leslie Crow

The home of Leslie Crow is one of my all time favorites from Style Like U. Everything about it is just so perfect and homely. Miles away from city life, like Leslie herself there is nothing pretentious and gentrified about her home. It is a perfect example of a warm, friendly home that has been created with items that are personal to Leslies tastes and serve a purpose.

 “Our generation has an opportunity to go back to a more natural way of life, and that is something that I am very passionate about,”

As a bit of a loner and a disgruntled city dweller, I find Leslie's more simple, more natural way of life really inspirational. I would love to live far away from the city, with a huge garden to keep some animals, grow some crops and let my children run freely and build treehouses. It is clear to see how Leslie creates such beautiful leather goods from this home....

Please view the full interview and images from Style like u and be sure to visit Leslie's amazing, drool worthy leather work over at Heyoka Leather

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