Sunday 8 November 2015

Flowering Tea from The Exotic Teapot

Flowering Tea from the Exotic Teapot: My Mouth Blown Glass Teapot and 'Heart of Gold' flowering tea 

Last week I was introduced by a friend to the website of The Exotic Teapot, and was beyond excited to discover Flowering Teas..... ummm, how did I miss these?

Well, I have made up for it since and by Friday have received a Classic Discovery Tea Set featuring a beyond beautiful mouth blown glass teapot and a starter set of 5 different Flowering teas....... first on my list was (being a Neil Young fan) of course 'Heart of Gold'.... a Maofeng green tea, with lily, and marigold flowers and fragrant jasmine...

Pouring the water from the kettle, I was like a little kid in a sweetshop.... so, so excited. At first I was a bit worried as the tea ball floated to the top, but it soon sunk and started un-raveling into the most awesome little bouquet.

I waited a few minutes ... took a few photos .... and then poured myself a mug. I was a little apprehensive about trying the could have been one of those gimmicks that looked good but didn't deliver.... it wasnt. The tea is beautiful!

The great thing is that the tea ball can be used 3 times without the tea becoming bitter.

I would definitely recommend Flowering Teas and The Exotic teapot, my set arrived within a couple of days, beautifully wrapped and in a pretty presentation box. The set is perfect for a tea lover, not only are the flowering teas really cool but the glass teapot is perfect for brewing any loose or bagged teas. It will certainly make my Rose Tea look a lot prettier than when served in my 1980's brown teapot.... not bad for £26!!

The Discovery Flowering tea set contains a Glass Teapot and 5 assorted flowering teas... next on my list Jasmine :)


Kath said...

We regularly drink jasmine blossoms tea, but have to prepare it in a cafetier as we don't have anything suitable, but this glass tea pot looks lovely.

Lady of the Woods said...

I have several of these glass tea pots and love serving them to guests. I used a large Vienna pot to keep on display with a flower blossom inside all week, with sun coming from behind it evoked peace every time I looked at it. Collecting tea accessories or reinventing other things to work with creating a beautiful tea setting is one of those things I love most. Love your blog, don't always comment but always look :-)