Friday 6 November 2015

The home of.. Baelyn Elspeth

Abalone Shell and Smudge

This beautiful bohemian Venice beach sanctuary is the home of Actress, model and Tea ceremony Goddess Baelyn Elspeth. The home is full of beautiful little altars, collections of natural items, and decorated in calming earth tones. The perfect escape from the craziness of L.A.....

Intrigued by her tea ceremonies, Baelyn first caught my eye on instagram a few months ago. You can read more about Baelyn on her website All Matters of Spirit

All images from Rip + Tan Blog


Lady of the Woods said...

This post has sent me on a many hours quest for looking into tea things again. Am having delicious ideas in the making, *rubbing hands together with an impish smile*

Meg said...

I first learned of Baelyn through The Local Rose a few years ago. That is a gorgeous space! I didn't realize she was an actress. I will look into her work beyond Tea Goddess! Thank you.